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Innovative Software Allows Access to Automation Systems Using Pocket PCs, Tablet PCs, and Smart Phones




Golden Crater Software (www.GoldenCrater.com) today introduced Doberman BMS (Building Management System) a totally reworked remote front-end to the newly enhanced Doberman Security and Automation system.

The Doberman BMS system is designed for use on connected Desktop and Tablet PCs as well as Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, and the new Microsoft Smartphone 2002.  The easy to understand floor plan-style interface allows homeowners to inspect and control devices and sensors, such as lights, motion sensors, humidistats, thermostats and security cameras.

A unique feature of Doberman is the ability to increase energy savings by drawing outside air, based on Enthalpy calculations.  Doberman calculates the amount of energy required to heat or cool both inside and outside air to the desired setting and can control a damper to draw air from the most efficient source.

Many in today’s workforce do not work the standard Monday to Friday; the easy-to-use Drag-and-Drop interface creates macros that allow for more control of temperature and humidity than standard electronic thermostats.  Using wireless devices such as the innovative HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5550, (www.hp.com) homeowners can view and adjust the temperature from anywhere in the house, or extend the temperature setback from the office if they will be working late.

Jim Koornneef of Golden Crater Software says “Many systems support web page control and/or proprietary Touchscreens, we provide not only web control, but applications that run natively on common devices -- to provide richer functionality than web pages.  This allows off-the-shelf hardware to operate as a multi-functional automation access point.”

The system currently supports several popular X10 (www.x10.com) computer interfaces, the HomeGenius, and Max Serial Interface (www.pigselectronics.com), as well as Aprilaire (www.aprilaire.com) and RCS (www.resconsys.com) thermostats.


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Golden Crater Software (www.GoldenCrater.com) has been developing software since 1988. Their flagship product, epAssist (www.epAssist.com), creates an Electronic Personal Assistant, which can read and understand email and web requests from the user and respond correctly, sending the requested document or email summary. epAssist has also become the workhorse of a Home Automation system which bridges between many hardware systems and provides for WindowsCE client ‘tablets’ that are an inexpensive replacement for dedicated automation tablets. Other offerings contain a range of Microsoft Pocket PC and Microsoft Smartphone applications, including games, eBook readers and sound editors.



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