Golden Crater Software Announces Doberman BMS™, a new Building Management System for Windows Mobile software for Smartphones


Doberman BMS™ delivers home automation using wireless devices, providing convenience, peace of mind and energy savings to homeowners.


ONTARIO, Canada –Fall, 2003


In conjunction with today’s U.S. availability of Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, Golden Crater Software announced the launch of its Doberman BMS™ technology for Windows Mobile software for Smartphones. The Windows Mobile-based Smartphone introduces an entirely new mobile phone experience through the integration of smart software and small, stylish handsets… all within an experience that is familiar to users of Windows.


Doberman BMS™ is an easy to understand ‘floor-plan style’ Drag and Drop interface that allows users to inspect and control devices and sensors in their homes – while they are at work, on vacation or elsewhere.  Doberman BMS™ is designed for use on connected Desktop and Tablet PCs as well as Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, and the new Windows Mobile-based Smartphone.  Lights, motion sensors, humidistats, thermostats, and security cameras are just some of the items that can be controlled remotely, on command using wireless devices.

Doberman BMS™ currently supports several popular interfaces such as EDT’s i-LiNE, X10, the HomeGenius, and Max Serial Interface for lighting control, as well as Aprilaire and RCS thermostats.

 “Windows Mobile software for Smartphone provides a unique mobile phone experience, in that it offers a mobile phone with the computing power and flexibility to support robust and powerful applications,” said Irwin Rodrigues, lead product manager of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. “Doberman BMS™ provides users with home automation that delivers convenience, peace of mind, and energy savings, while on the move.”


About Golden Crater Software

Golden Crater Software has been developing software since 1988.  Their flagship product, epAssist creates an Electronic Personal Assistant which can read and understand email and web requests from the user and respond correctly, sending the requested document or email summary. More information on epAssist,  Doberman BMS™ and other offerings from Golden Crater Software, including demonstration downloads, can be found at www.GoldenCrater.com.


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