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Release of PocketMixer 2.01

Allows for modification of most WAV files

WHITBY, Canada, September 16th, 2002 -- Golden Crater Software (www.GoldenCrater.com), developer of PocketPC, Windows, and Palm applications is pleased to announce the release of PocketMixer 2.01 for PocketPC 3.1 and 2002.

PocketMixer (www.goldencrater.com/software/ce) allows for modification of most WAV files, including audio recordings made in the Notes application.

Users can:

bulletResample and convert audio files to consume less precious memory on the device.
bulletCrop and clip sounds. Remove the silence in a recording.
bulletModify the volume to make a quiet recording louder
bulletEchos, pitch, fade in/out
bulletPaste several samples together into one.
bulletLow Pass filter
bulletRecord and playback sounds
bulletMany other effects.

Support for:

bulletGSM 6.10
bulletMS ADPCM
bulletAnd several other formats.

Also introduced is a free, royalty-free SDK for developers to write and distribute their own plugins, effects and filters to extend PocketMixer’s functionality.

PocketMixer is available in Shareware format, and can be registered at our website. The unregistered version allows for all functionality, except for saving.

About Golden Crater Software

Golden Crater Software (www.GoldenCrater.com) has been developing software for over 10 years. Their flagship product, epAssist (www.epAssist.com), creates an Electronic Personal Assistant, which can read and understand email and web requests from the user and respond correctly, sending the requested document or email summary. epAssist has also become the workhorse of a Home Automation system which bridges between many hardware systems and provides for WindowsCE client ‘tablets’ that are an inexpensive replacement for dedicated automation tablets.


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