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Doberman BMS™ is an easy to understand ‘floor-plan style’ Drag and Drop interface that allows users to inspect and control devices and sensors in their homes – while they are at work, on vacation or elsewhere.  Doberman BMS™ is designed for use on connected Desktop and Tablet PCs as well as Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, and the new Windows Mobile-based Smartphone.  Lights, motion sensors, humidistats, thermostats, and security cameras are just some of the items that can be controlled remotely, on command using wireless devices.

Doberman BMS Server™ (the Brains of the system) not only acts as a server to the Doberman BMS clients and web pages -- but acts as a protocol bridge, allowing different devices to talk to each other.  All this adds provides for ease of operation, expansion, comfort and savings. 

Arming the security system can setback the furnace; humidity sensors on your thermostat can control a humidifier; outside conditions can even be pulled from the web.


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“Windows Mobile software for Smartphone provides a unique mobile phone experience, in that it offers a mobile phone with the computing power and flexibility to support robust and powerful applications.  Doberman BMS™ provides users with home automation that delivers convenience, peace of mind, and energy savings, while on the move.”
              - Irwin Rodrigues, lead product manager of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp.

"What a great idea! Using X-10 as a security system."
              - Chris Couture, Webmaster of www.x10ideas.com a premiere site for home automation buffs.

"Some unique differences are building macros via drag and drop, and a way to draw a blueprint and control things from it. The blueprint idea is something I've wanted (and have on/off worked on) myself.
              - Rick LaBanca, Webmaster of http://www.homeautomationforum.com/ a premiere site covering many different home automation hardware systems.

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