Doberman BMS

Doberman Clients

Doberman Clients are native applications and have been designed specifically for each device type, taking into account their strengths, weaknesses, and interface.  They are not HTML pages, but actual installable applications.

Doberman BMS for PocketPC is designed to make use of the larger screen displays and touchscreens.

Smartphone, and Nokia S60 all have a similar look and feel but were arranged to display on smaller screens and work intuitively with the joystick and keypads.

The Desktop PC version as installed, is configured as the PocketPC version.  Included is documentation to configure or skin the client to look as simple or flashy as you see fit.  A quick change to the configuration, and controls align themselves to be easily accessed through your Windows Media Center (MCE) computer remote control.

This version also understands several popular news and information formats to display news, weather, stocks, sports, and TV programming.

Below are some screen captures from PDAs and Cellular Phones:


MS Smartphone


Desktop screen captures:

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