Feature Summary (4.0)

bulletRequires automation hardware -- see compatible Hardware
bulletDelayed entry and instant alarm modes
bulletSupports video and 2-microphone audio capture during alarm.
bulletControl automation via on-screen 'blueprint' mode (visual blueprint of your house)
bulletSupports 4 alarm types: Security, Fire, Flood, Temperature
bulletSends up to 4 email messages for an alarm
bulletCan update the system clock from the web
bulletUpdate from the web (as new releases become available)
bulletColor coded status symbols
bulletInstant action interface. Visually twist a dimmer or flip a switch to control a device.
bulletModern GUI interface
bulletVisual drag and drop macro builder (no programming knowledge required.)
bulletAction Spider (macros) support conditions: And, Or, Device state and/or change (X10), Date (complex dates such as every 2nd Weekend), Time, Dusk/Dawn.
bulletAction Spider (macros) support start/stop actions: Device change (X10), email, sound (wav), program execute.
bulletLighting Wizard helps you quickly create scene lighting and 'gang' lighting
bulletBuild your own floor plans with blueprint editor, or supply your own scanned/CAD images (800x600 PNG or JPEG).
bulletSupports 'MotionLock (tm)' mode, where motion sensors do not activate alarms, but assist you in moving around the darkened house by turning on lights (for when the house is occupied, but still secure.)
bulletEnthalpy energy saving module
bulletSupports 'panic button' mode.
bulletAs hardware developers partner with us, we will support their systems.
bulletAdvanced 'BASIC-like' macro programming language designed for automation.
bulletRemote connectivity
bulletUse the same interface as on your server from any Windows 95+ machine in your house.  Or around the world.  Uses standard internet connectivity to your server. Why use a clumsy web page interface when you can interact with your floorplan in real-time.
bulletUse a slightly modified interface (same floorplans) on your Windows CE and PocketPC devices around your house, on in your briefcase. Many WinCE web appliances can install extra software.  Install, connect to the internet and go!
bulletWe still have the regular web (HTML) interface.
bulletChat/ Intercom -- The different messenger services are fine.  But Home Automation really needs something different.  Do you want to send a message to a person? Or a location?  Or broadcast it everywhere?  And it needs to be private.  From the kitchen, send "Dinner's Ready" around the house.  Send a quick message to your spouse, wherever they're logged in...
bulletRemote clients
bulletPicture frame mode (shows family and vacation photos when not in use)
bulletKiosk mode (you provide HTML web pages with tags that Doberman replaces with status and values. Links back to Doberman operations.)
bulletShows still frames from the security cameras.
bulletNews, weather, sports, TV programs
bulletMicrosoft Smartphone
bulletNokia Series 60, Symbian


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