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What Home Automation hardware does Doberman support?

Doberman is a growing system.  As we discover the programming interface to a hardware system, and work with hardware developers, we integrate it into the program.  As a registered user, you will be provided with free upgrades as new functionality and hardware are supported.

bulletX10/X10Pro modules (IBM Home Director, Stanley, Magnavox, Leviton, Plug N Power, etc.)
bulletCP290 X10 Computer Interface
bulletCM11a/CK11a X10 (Active Home) Computer Interface
bulletCM17 (Firecracker) Computer Interface
bulletRCS TX15, TX15-B, TR15, TR16, TR36, TR40 thermostats
bulletAprilaire 8870 Communicating Thermostat
bulletEDT iLiNE Switches, dimmers, and Multi-Button panels
bulletHomeGenius (control multiple buildings over the web AND add macro support)
bulletP.I.G.S. MAX serial
bulletCueCat barcode scanner (video library)
bulletVideo Capture cards and webcams
bulletPCS X10 SceneMaster
bulletX10 IR Commander
bulletX10/X10Pro Occupancy Sensors (Hawkeye, motion sensors)
bulletX10/X10 Powerflash
bulletX10 Setback Thermostat
bulletX10 Security Sensors such as DS10A -- W800RF32 required to decode the secure signals
bulletPocketPC, WindowsCE, TabletPC, Smartphone clients.
bulletNokia Series 60 client.
bulletPowerloss recovery system (UPS) Native WindowsXP, APC PowerChute Personal Edition for Win98, WinME
bulletWeb Services (SOAP) via GCSScript language
bulletWGL Designs W800RF32 (with this, Doberman can 'see' secure X10 Wireless Door sensors such as DS10A.)
bulletWGL Designs Rain8PC, Rain8Net irrigation controllers
bulletSmartHome PowerLincIP controller -- monitor and control your cottage over the web
bulletSmartHome PowerLinc USB controller
bulletIVM Answering Assistant dial out and play a voice message during alarm. See instruction document in our forum
bulletWindows Media Center Edition optimized Client


Currently under development:

bulletSmartHome PowerLinc II controller
bulletPalm Client
bulletRIM Blackberry Client
ęGolden Crater Software

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