Doberman BMS


How does it work?

The Doberman BMS software comes in three parts. The first part is the interface that allows you to build a floor plan to visually represent your house and build Action Spiders. The real work takes place in the Doberman Server. This program has no interface itself, but it uses it's ability to work with the automation modules.  The third part is the client applications -- these programs allow you to interact with your house using a desktop PC, Windows Media Center (MCE), PocketPC, Smartphone, and Nokia S60 device.

Much of the thought into Doberman is based on large Building Management Systems (BMS) brought to the consumer.  While the system is highly configurable to suit your or your client's needs, there are also several subsystems running that need not be programmed as macros and scripts.  These systems are designed for security, convenience, or energy efficiency. Many of these systems are found in HVAC (Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning) or accessed through Wizards.

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