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bulletDoberman BMS Desktop Client Install included in Dobmeran BMS install package. Web download -- Download only the portions installed.
bulletDoberman BMS Desktop Client with Media Center (MCE) support.  Released 1/28/2004. Customize the interface to any layout you wish via XML. Supports data feeds via XML.
bulletVersion 4.0 Released 12/22/2004. Support SmartHome PowerLinc USB, easier to setup, device naming, HTML interface.
bulletA Doberman automated house Case Study
bulletVersion 3.51 Released 9/14/2004. Support SmartHome PowerLincIP, preliminary support for IVM Answering Assistant, bug fixes.
bulletGolden Crater Software provides software to be bundled with all Rain8Net devices [Press Release]
bulletWGL Designs W800RF32 support - Doberman can now react much faster to all X10 housecodes while supporting X10 security sensors and wireless remotes
bulletWGL Designs Rain8PC/Rain8Net support - Doberman helps you conserve precious water while saving you money
bulletDoberman BMS for Windows Mobile software for Smartphones [Press Release]
bulletEDT [ i-LiNE ]
bulletA very special Thank You to EDT for providing us the hardware -- New Support 10/03.
bulletHome Automation and Energy Savings Using Wireless Devices [Press Release]
bulletAprilaire/Research Products [ Model 8870 ]
bulletA very special Thank You to Aprilaire for providing us the hardware -- Supported 09/03.
bulletRCS Thermostats [ X10 (TX15-B) and Serial (TR-15, TR-36) ]
bulletA special Thank You to RCS for loaning us the hardware -- Supported 09/03.
bulletX10 devices supporting Preset Dims are now supported.
bulletDoberman now supports JPG, PNG, and WMF image formats for background blueprints.


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