Screen Capture

Overall Usage

The interface of the application is divided into 3 pivot panes, a dial now button, and backspace button.

Once you have ented the number you wish to dial using the Dialpad and Letter pane, press the Dial Now button -- this button displays the current phone number entered. If you make a mistake, press the backspace button, or press and hold to clear the entire number. Press and hold the Dial Now button to add the current number into your Contacts.

To change or update  a Quick Dial number, enter the number you wish to dial using the Dialpad and Letters pane, then  tap and hold the button for that entry. You may then enter or update the name and change the number.  Select either the button for the new dialed number, or press the contacts button to copy the number from a  contact in your list.

About this program

This program was developed and copyright by J. Koornneef and is published by Golden Crater Corp.

For any questions, please contact Golden Crater Corp.