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Overall Usage

QRCode Reader is a mobile QR Code scanner app that allows for fast and quick reading and decoding of these barcode from your phone.

Use QRCodes to access web links, add contacts, send email and SMS, and much more!

Supports on board camera and picture library (for images already taken or saved from web pages.)

The recognition system in use here is always improving reliability and accuracy.

Recognition hints

- Get up and close to the code
- Be sure to wait for the camera to focus
- Hold the camera steady -- blurry images are hard to decipher
- Turn the flash off, or reduce glare -- glossy business cards are especially prone to white spots from the flash
- Try to take the photo straight on

Known issues

- The system does have more trouble recognizing images turned 90 degrees. If the image fails to work, be sure to rotate the camera so the image is not rotated.

About this program

This program was developed and copyright by Golden Crater Corp and is published by Golden Crater Corp.

For any questions, please contact Golden Crater Corp.