Choose your cat in the order you think will win, or for multi-player, each player chooses a winning cat.

Once all cats are chosen, the race will begin.

At the end of the race, click the screen to start another race.

This site is for entertainment purposes only. One luxury replica watches cat has a very slight bias over the others.

Have Fun!!


Nyan Cat was a YouTube video uploaded in 2011 that became an internet sensation. The video was a combination of a Japanese song and an animated cat-like Pop-Tart.

The cat animation was posted by "prguitarman" (Christopher Torres of Dallas, Texas)on his LOL-Comics website.

The original song "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" was uploaded to a Japanese video site by "daniwell".

A user named "Momomomo" uploaded a cover of "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!"

YouTube user "saraj00n" uploaded a combined cat animation with the "Momo Momo" version of the song "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" to create the video we know today.

Christopher Torres and Charles Schmidt, the creators of Nyan Cat have registered copyrights on their characters.

Information may be found at this Wikipedia page, if it's reference pages.


Golden Crater, having an old horse-racing game engine written for Microsoft Windows 95 and the Sega Genesis, decided to revive and re-write the engine using Cocos2D-HTML5. As a gag, we replaced the horses with Nyan-like cats and the background with 2 parallax levels of rainbow and stars.

We later added the "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" song and it struck as so bizarre that it's been posted on the website for laughs.

If you're playing as a single player, select the cats in the order you think the cats will arrive at the finish.

If you're playing with friends, each person selects their winning cat.

Once all the cats are chosen, the race will start. We've designed it so the race will take roughly 45 seconds. The cats will be held back from reaching the edge of the screen until the time is up.

In order to keep the game entertaining and fun, rather than become a gambling system, there is code inserted to favor a particular cat. It's very slight, but it does make this version usable only for entertainment.


The winner photos are copyright, as is the Javascript code for the game -- above and beyond any copyrights held for the other components (music, poptart cat, cocos, etc.)


Enjoy the game, it'll provide hours of mindless fun.


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