Where Can I Run Tiny eBook Reader

Native Applications that run on the device

Versions of Tiny eBook Reader are available for the following platforms:

Version 5.1
  • Windows Mobile with Touchscreen (PocketPC)
  • Windows Mobile without Touchscreen (Microsoft Smartphone)
  • Windows Desktop (Windows XP, Vista, Tablet)
    Unsupported, but working, under Wine

  • Windows Mobile with Touchscreen support from PocketPC 2003 through Windows Mobile 6
  • Windows Mobile, No Touchscreen support from Smartphone 2002 through Windows Mobile 6

Online eBook service

Tiny eBook Reader Online allows for reading on your mobile device using the settings and fonts you want.  This service has been tested on several devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Motorola RAZR, Android.

The service requires a mobile device with a browser supporting, WAP 2.0, XHTML, or HTML.  A data plan is required and not included.

Register for a free trial.
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