Locating eBooks Online

There are numerous websites dedicated to amature writing which authors post their stories in HTML form. In your browser, save the page into the \My Document\My eBooks folder and open in the reader.  If the book comes in multilple pages, save each and create asingle  TeBR file in the Reader.

Many TV Shows, Movies, and Novel Series have a dedicated fan base and active fan sites.  Several of these sites host FanFic, or, fiction based on the original characters, but written by fans.  Some of these works can be quite good.

Other Links:

The Invisible Man, H.G. Wells - Free eBook in TeBR format, provided by Fictionwise.com

Fictionwise (be sure to purchase eBooks in the correct format: Fictionwise Reader [TeBR], Unencrypted Microsoft Reader or Unencrypted MultiFormat)


Internet Public Library

Online Books Page

English Server

Electronic Text Center

University of California Press