What is Tiny eBook Reader

Tiny eBook Reader allows you to read ebooks in several formats, is lightning fast, highly configurable and can read books of any size.  Most internet connected mobile devices (cellular phones, PDAs, etc) are supported.

Phone/Device Types

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I have a PocketPC or Windows Mobile Smartphone and Windows Desktop.

I have a cellular phone, PDA, or Mobile Internet Device (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Sidekick)

Quick Download Windows Phone 7 Trial version

Quick Download Windows Phone 7 Pro version

eBook Converter

For users with version 6.0.

This utility will convert Microsoft LIT, HTML, and Text into TeBR format.  We will be expanding this tool to convert EPUB format, but in the mean-time, this website will convert to LIT, simply open the resulting link  in LIT format and this tool will convert and place in your Dropbox account:

Download eBook conversion tool.


  • Always with you
  • Discreet
  • Supports TeBR, TXT, HTML, ZIPped TXT & HTML, and unlocked LIT (MS Reader/LIT files with DRM or per-device copy protection enabled are not supported)
  • Optimized for reading
  • Ideal for students and commuters
  • 1000's of free Public Domain and classic novels, just download and read
  • Real paper backgrounds, choose from hardcover to paperpack
  • Average book is 200KB (compressed)
  • Support for high resolution, square screen and portrait/landscape modes, regardless of device capability
  • No file preparation - Download and read TXT, HTML files directly
  • Your choice of font, spacing, justification layout format

Screen Shots

Windows Phone 7 (using real paper background)

iPhone via Tiny eBook Reader Online Service

Windows Mobile (With Touchscreen / PocketPC)

Windows Mobile (No Touchscreen / Smartphone)