Where Can I Run Tiny eBook Reader

Online eBook service

Tiny eBook Reader Online allows for reading on your mobile device using the settings and fonts you want.  This service should run on any mobile phone with a browser, and has been tested on several devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Motorola RAZR, Android.

The service requires a mobile device with a browser supporting: WAP 2.0, XHTML, or HTML.  A data plan is required and not included.

Since many phones have different screen sizes, and depending on your carrier, different sizes within your mobile browser even within the same model, you will need to setup a 'Mobile Device Profile'. Load the link below into your mobile browser and select and adjust the image until it matches your screen size.


If the above link doesn't work, don't worry, we have links that will skip automatic detection. You'll find them once you are registered.

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Image from iPhone