Online Edition Features

  • Format to your style: font, size, justification, spacing, borders, etc.
  • Requires web browser or mobile internet supporting:
    • HTML
    • XHTML
    • WAP 2.0
  • Choose from over 20 fonts
  • Portrait and Landscape regardless of device support for such
  • Support internal and external link in HTML, TeBR and LIT
  • LIT/TeBR file Table of Contents
  • Fast return to last read page  
  • Opens to current book and tracks page as you move between devices
  • Paid subscription without adverizing, higher eBook storage limit
  • Free advertizing supported mode with single eBook sotrage limit
  • Support images in HTML, TeBR and LIT  
  • Images in document and cover page
  • Simple font formatting: bold, italic, underline, page breaks.
  • Able to read unlocked LIT eBooks  
  • Section/Chapter support for LIT eBooks  
  • HTML eBooks (removes most formatting)  
  • Search and Bookmarks  
  • Unique Nighttime mode  
  • Lightning fast loading and returning to last page.
  • eBook creation online, supported by most desktop browsers
    (Windows / Mac / Linux)
  • Create your own eBooks with password protection
  • Cover page image support

Supported File Formats

  • TeBR format with or without DRM
  • Plain Text (*.txt)
  • Large Web Pages (*.html, *.htm)  
  • MS Reader format (*.lit) files with no DRM protection  
  • Smartphone and PocketPC Magazine Mobile Edition
Images may be of type PNG, JPG, or GIF format.