TeBR Format (for eBook Sellers)

Are you an eBook seller and interested in this new format?  

Here is a quick list as to some of the benefits and features of this exciting new format:
  • Designed optimally for small devices
  • Supporting customers with almost any internet connected device on the planet that contains a mobile browser
  • Source document format is HTML-like, allowing for future growth and backward compatibility
  • Conversion tools from HTML and PML source
  • Large files are automatically broken into chunks for internal speed
  • DRM support (1-20 keys)
  • Allows printing to be enabled
  • Printing flexibility allows users to print in a font, style and layout that suits their needs
  • Encrypt on your servers using Java or Windows/Linux console executable
    • Lower cost per sale
    • Faster turn-around time
  • Support multi-media by including sounds and video
  • Up to 218-bit encryption for professional eBooks
  • Dictionary support under development
  • TeBR books can be generated in Loaner/Library mode
    • Encoded with 'Not Valid Before' date
    • Encoded with 'Not Valid After' date

Unlocked, or DRM free, eBooks are free to publish.  We provide tools freely to qualified publishers that will produce eBooks that can be read on any version of Tiny eBook Reader.  

For more details, please contact us using the 'Contact Us' link in the banner of this page.