Doberman BMS


System Requirements

In order to operate properly, Doberman BMS requires as a minimum system configuration:

bulletPentium 200 (minimum) as a Home Automation server
bulletWindows 98SE or better
bullet20 MB Hard Drive
bullet64 MB Ram
bulletShared internet connection (wired or wireless)


A Sample Security System Configuration

bullet1 - WGL W800RF32 Computer Interface
bullet2 - X-10 Hawkeye II Motion Sensor - (MS13A or compatible)
bullet3 - X-10 Door/Window Sensors - (DS10A or compatible)
bullet1 - EDT iLiNE Wired Switchs and Dimmer for each light you wish to control
bullet1 - EDT iLiNE 6 Button Switch - (as a security entry pad)
bullet1 - Any compatible thermostat for HVAC control
bullet1 - Wired security camera
bullet1 - Video capture card for your PC



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